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SHAPIK: the moon quest is a handmade quest. The story is told without a single word - but with the help of most beautiful animations and enchanting music.

Steam Wishlist


Background and characters are drawn by hand. The game’s animation took hours of detailed work.

Fewer words:

You won’t find a single long and boring dialogue - all the characters communicate with each other with animated “thought clouds”.

Enchanting music:

Our composer wrote the original score for the game just so you can feel all the tension of this story and get goosebumps during nerve-wracking moments.

Development log


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this game was super fun! It is literally the MOST relaxing game I have EVER played! The puzzles were goofy and fun too!

I need this game in my life! Beautiful and fun! Love the creativity! Looking forward to the full game! 

This game is beautiful and looks handcrafted. The quests are original and entertaining, I like the soundtrack too. I've done a short gameplay vid: